Head of department:, Jitka Bartošová (Víchová), Ph.D.
Activity of department:

Department of Ethology performs research in biology of behaviour and welfare of pigs, cattle, deer, horses and other species. Main areas of research are: Maternal behaviour, including suckling and weaning, and its influence on growth, development and mortality of young; Effects of housing and social environment during ontogeny on later behaviour, welfare and health; Acoustic and other communication among animals and in relation to humans, animal emotions and cognitive abilities; Aggression, dominance and positive social interactions, including play; Consequences of social behaviours for physiology, health, welfare and reproduction; Group behaviour in animals, synchronization of behaviour, behaviour on pasture; Physiology of antler growth in cervids, social behaviour, reproductive strategies and mate selection. Department members lecture ethology and related subjects, supervise graduate students and work for transfer of ethology knowledge to farmers and general public.

Individual research teams and ongoing projects


     Prof., Luděk Bartoš , Ph.D.,DrSc., Jitka Bartošová (Víchová), Ph.D.
     Adam Dušek , Ph.D.
    Sébastien Goumon , Ph.D.
     Gudrun Illmannová , Ph.D.
     Radim Kotrba , Ph.D.
     Jan Pluháček , Ph.D.
     Richard Policht , Ph.D.
     Radka Šárová , Ph.D., Marek Špinka , Ph.D.

  Research assistants:

     Katarína Bučková
     Bruno Esattore
     Iva Leszkowová
     Klára Ničová
     Andrea Sommese
     Michaela Syrová
     Barbora Valníčková
     Marie Wackermannová


    Petr Janovský
    Vratislav Kšáda
    Lýdie Máchová (Větrovcová)